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Talk- Vegan families + bringing up vegan Children


A talk, discussion on Vegan families + bringing up vegan Children

On our 4th talk event at 10 Cable St, we will be focusing on the topic of bringing children up as vegans.

As a parent trying to bring up a child as a vegan, clashes with family, friends and even strangers are sadly inevitable.
“Are you sure they are getting enough nutrition?”, “What about calcium?”, “You shouldn't force your beliefs on your kids.” And so it goes on…

This event is a supportive space to share our stories, ask questions, learn from each other and get expert advice from nutritionist about what we need to consider when raising our children vegan.

On the night

Introduction to the evening.

Talk by Sarah Oboh of NutriLife covering essential nutrition for children

Demonstration by Juddian Oboh of NutriLife on simple nutritious snacks that can be made to boost your child's health.

19:45 - 21:15
Panel discussion with Sarah Bently, NutriLife and Deepa Devlukia of GirlBoyFoodBaby  on family issues, nurseries, parties, social things and educate kids about changes


All profits from this event will be donated to Made in Hackney :)


NutriLife is a platform co-founded by Sarah Oboh and JuddianOboh in which thery endeavour to share how to super-eat your way to better health through diet and nutrition tips. They are made of Qualified Nutritionist, Qualified Nursery Nurse & stay at home Mum, to help educate you on effective & healthy nutrition practices from childhood to adulthood.


Sarah Bently is the founder of award winning charity and community cookery school Made In Hackney. Despite the projects vegan food policy they work with Public Health, with schools and nurseries and work with a hugely diverse range of groups in need from low income families to people with long term health challenges. She is mama to 3-year-old Rowan, who had a dream palette until he was 2 years old and now infuriatingly insists on everything being separate.


Deepa Devlukia is a Conscious Parenting Coach, Vlogger, Speaker. Deepa runs an Instagram page and YouTube channel called GirlBoyFoodBaby through which she shares experiences and thoughts for millenials on raising conscious kids, kindly. She also creates plant-based baby-led weaning and toddler recipes and dabbles in a bit of lawyering during the week. Deepa’s work and videos have been featured by the Huffington Post, Mumsnet, Channel Mum and the BBC. She has most recently spoken at Vevolution 2017, London Viva! Vegan Festival and VegFest Brighton 2018. She is a keen animal rights advocate and lives a plant-based lifestyle with her husband and her baby. She spends most days trying to find some sort of balance between working and being a conscious, present parent, wife, daughter and human.


10 Cable St is a Plant based venue who organises and hosts plant-based supperclubs, classes, talks and workshop events based around sustainability and wellbeing. They believe it’s important to consider the wider impact of the things we do on a daily basis. From the food we eat, what we buy and the products we use, minimising the impact on our bodies and the planet is always at the forefront of their minds.


*The door opens at 18:30, please do not arrive before this time as we won't be able to let you in, if you need some time to kill there are couple of great bars around the venue! Wilton music hall and Simmons to name a couple!