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Hai Dozo! is one year old...  Happy birthday to them! 

To celebrate this momentous occasion, they will hold a supper club! Since they are not confined by a market pitch for this event, they will ditch the awesome okonomiyaki (just for now) and have put together a special 5-course menu. 

Shojin tapas
A mix of five colourful foods of contrasting textures and zingy flavours

Renkon Manju
Dumplings made of Lotus Root

Yaki Tofu
Soft and crispy tofu complemented by robust fresh ginger seasoning
Noodles with flavoursome miso and walnut sauce

Matcha Anmitsu
Summery mix of mochi, matcha, creamy and fruity goodness

'I have tried to create a menu which offers a mix of complementary Japanese flavours - the type of food I have grown up with deserves a wider audience! I've lots of good memories of family feasts and have been inspired by the cooking of my mum and grandmother who had a farmstead in Mie, Japan. Many of these recipes are traditionally plant-based so you will be enjoying the same flavours as I am used to back at home!'

Feast your eyes on their Instagram :)