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Dee's Table - Vegan Jamaican Supper Club


Dee's Table' Owner/Chef Denai Moore invites you on a food journey based on nostalgia. This menu is deeply inspired by childhood food memories of her growing up in a Jamaican household, authenticity meets re-imagined ideas for a very special one-off supper club dining experience.


National Dish

Homage to the national dish.
Savoury Ackee Custard Tart - 'Saltfish' - Tomato Chutney - Herb Oil

Hard Food Twice

Homage to the chewy spinners (dumplings) in a traditional Jamaican Soup + Brown Stew gravy.

'Spinner' Noodles - Brown Stew Mushroom Broth - Shredded Mushrooms - Chargrilled Corn

Milo vs Horlicks

Homage to the memory of drinking warm Milo or Horlicks before bed as a kid.
Warm 'Milo' Dusted Chocolate Melting Pudding - Milo Crumb - Horlicks Ice Cream


Doors open at 7pm* and eating will start at 7:30.

Please get in touch with any questions : )

As usual, if you book separately with your friends please let me know so I can organise for you to sit together : )

There will be a bar at the venue where you can purchase soft / Alcoholic drinks on the night. ( Card + Cash accepted)

If you arrive before doors at 7pm be sure to check out a few local bars near the venue:

Wilton's Music Hall

Simmons Bar


Hope to see you there!