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( Sold Out) Vegan Tapas with La Buenaventura - Farewell


10 Cable St + La Buenaventura

We are super excited to be collaborating with these guys again but also VERY sad this will be the last time as they will be leaving London soon to start a new life in a city called Zaragoza in Spain to open a vegan bar/restaurant!


Come and join us for some delicious Spanish food and wish them well in their new life!

For those who are not familiar with them, La Buenaventura team consists of Sheila and Pino, it is a family catering business creating traditional homemade Spanish food, 100% plant-based.

Why La Buenaventura? The meaning of Buenaventura is “good fortune” or “good luck” but it is also the ancient method of foretelling someone’s future, and they see a bright Vegan future ahead! ( AND SO DO WE! )

The evening will consist of Nibbles, Pinchos, Main (The most delicious rice dish!) with sides ( including the best cabbage dish!! Trust me)  and a Dessert!

The full menu will be uploaded soon : )

Please indicate any special dietary requirements when booking.

As usual, if you book separately with your friends please let us know so we can organise for you to sit together : )

They will be selling some yummy products you can take away with you too. Yey

The door opens at 7 pm and food will be served at 7:30 pm. If you need to kill time, there are a couple of bars you could go and check out below!

Wiltons Music Hall ( My fave!)

Simmons bar

There will be a bar set up for you to purchase drinks.

Hope to see you there!