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An Introduction to Cooking with Essential Oils!

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Come join Emma van der Laan and Helen Munro at 10 Cable Street for a fabulous introduction to cooking with Essential Oils!

Hosted by Emma van der Laan and Helen Munro, we have the wonderful Danae Dade; plant-based chef aka ‘The V Spot' demonstrating how to integrate the compounds of doTERRA Essential Oils into everyday cooking.

Most people are familiar with using Essential Oils aromatically or topically, however in this class, we are going to teach you how to support your own wellness in a multitude of ways. Not only do they offer an immense flavour, they are beyond organic, a natural preservative and a cost and time effective way to support your health.

We will start by serving canpes and talk about doTERRA essential oils, how to use them and what makes them so special. 

Danae will then show you how to prepare a delicious three-course vegan meal which will we will then enjoy together family style. 

We are also offering a limited number of consultations at the end so please pre-book your slot.

Also if you have any food intolerances/allergies please let us know. 

For every ticket purchase you will receive a free Essential Oil sample to try before the event. Just send your mailing address to by 1st August and we make sure we will get this delivered to you.

We’d love to see you there…"