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Vegan Chinese Hot Pot, ft. PhungKay Vegan ( Two dates)


Chinese Vegan Hot Pot ft. PhungKay Vegan

Is it a Fondue? Is it a BBQ? No, it's Vegan Chinese Hot Pot!

For those that are not familiar with Chinese Hot Pot, it's one of the most social of dining formats. Not only are you gathered at one table sharing a meal, you're cooking your food together in a shared pot, similar eating style to Fondue and BBQ; in that you 'eat as you cook'.

Each table is presented with a gas stove, gently simmering 2 flavourful broths, one is spicy the other is a milder umami flavour. Around the cooking broth is a platter of delicious raw ingredients for you to cook in whatever order you wish and to accompany this is a selection of condiments to create your perfect dipping sauces. We will guide you through some of our favourite combinations and all cooking utensils will be provided.

Each platter of ingredients will include but is not limited to:

A variety of Noodles

A variety of Mushrooms

A variety of Vegetables & Herbs

A variety of Tofu

A variety of Vegan meat

A variety of Vegan Seafood

Homemade Jaozi Dumpling
The best part of Chinese Hot Pot is EAT, REST, CONVERSE, REPEAT :)

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Hotpot will be shared between 4 people on your table. If you're not a fan of sharing food with strangers be sure to bring 3 other friends : )

The door opens at 18:00 and food is served at 18.30. Please do not arrive before this time as we won't be able to let you in, if you need some time to kill there are couple of great bars around the venue! Wilton music hall and Simmons to name a couple!