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(Sold Out) Greedy Khao x COOKDAILY Songkran Special Supper Club

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GREEDY KHAO x COOKDAILY Songkran Special Supper Club

“Sawasdee Pee Mai - Happy New Year!

Here in the West, everyone knows that we celebrate the start of a new year on the 1st Janurary. Some of us might even know a little something about Chinese new year! But did you know that Thailand, Laos, and several other Southeast Asian countries celebrate the coming of the new year (Songkran) during mid-April?

Probably not!

Which is why our very own Thai foodie Faai Kerdphol got together with arguably the UK's most famous Laotian export King (of Cookdaily) to design this celebratory Songkran supper club!

Of all the Songkran celebrations in the region, Thailand's is among the most well known interntionally. Many of you who have visited Thailand during Songkran might know that Bangkok's streets become host to what might be biggest water fight in the world, where everyonbe is laughing, smiling, dressed in ludicrously bright colours, and where everyone is fair game for a soaking!

But don't worry - this supperclub won't be a massive waterfight. But it WILL be a celebratiuon of Southeast Asian culture, with traditional Thai and Lao food, brightly coloured shirts and sunglasses, a special guest dish & apparence from King Cookdaily himself, and perhaps a Singha or two ;-)

We're so excited about this one - it will be such a special event! Tickets are super limited so we very much advise booking early to avoid disappointment.

See you there!

Faai and Lee”


Chor-Muang & Khnom-Jeeb Nok Thai (ช่อม่วงและขนมจีบนกไทย)
—The Purple Bouquet & Thai Bird-shaped Dumplings—

Beautiful Thai style dumplings filled with perfectly seasoned soy mince, hand-shaped into delicate flowers and cute little birds. Pure delight to the eyes and the taste buds!


Khao-Yum Pak-Taai (ข้าวยำปักษ์ใต้)
—Southern Thai Rice Salad—

A platter of edible rainbow that will change the way you think of a salad forever! More than ten different fruits and vegetables come together in harmony - fragrant betel leaves, juicy pomelo, citrusy lemongrass, toasted coconut flakes, and our vegan 'Budu' dressing give this dish its unique aromatic character.



Classic Laotian dish with an awesome CookDaily twist.. wait for the BIG reveal! ;)


Khnom-Jeen Nahm-Prik (ขนมจีนน้ำพริก)
—Rice Vermicelli Swirls with ‘Nahm-Prik’ Peanut Curry—

Faai’s family all-time favourite, served at the Kerdphol family gathering at every special occasion. Creamy yet a little zesty and tangy, the Nahm-Prik will give a whole new meaning to its underwhelming description of a ‘peanut curry’! Served with all the trimmings - fried betel leave, banana blossom, morning glory, and crunchy winged beans.


I-Tim Kati Song-Krueng (ไอศกรีมกะทิทรงเครื่อง)
—Thai style coconut ice cream—

Served plain as a blank canvas for you to dress your ice cream with our traditional toppings - candied sweet potato, ripe jackfruit, pandan-infused coconut sticky rice, and roasted peanuts.. Thais love their coconut ice cream with a bit of character, and we think you will too ;).

Doors open at 7:00pm, and event starts at 7:30pm.


NOTE: Unfortunately, this particular event is not suitable for customers with soy, gluten and peanut allergies. For anything else, please check before you book :)

If you book separately with your friends please let us know in advance so we can organise for you to sit together :) And don't be afraid to come alone!

Please get in touch with any other questions.