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(Sold out) Zero waste Tofu making workshop Ft. the’artyvegan


Zero waste Tofu making workshop @ 10 Cable St
Ft. the’artyvegan

Super excited to host this workshop!
We've had a few people ask us to do one but hadn't quite found the right people to work with until now! 

Please join us, Maurelio & Ellora from the’artyvegan for our First ever Tofu making workshop

£50.00 + Booking Fee 
(includes lunch and Tofu + Okara to take home)

In this workshop, you will get hands-on experience in making your own tofu from scratch.

Why is this class called zero waste? That's because we will also use the excess pulp from making the soy milk into something delicious we can eat! Nothing goes to waste! 
For those eco-worriers out there you'll also get to have tofu without buying it in big plastic tubs! 

This pulp is called 'Okara'. Growing up partly in Japan I used to see a lot of this at our local tofu shop piled up in big barrels and our mum turning them into croquettes : )

Once we've made the tofu we will learn about okara and what we can do with it.

Alongside this, we will also learn about 'yuba' and have a go at making this too. ( Yuba is a thin layer of skin that is created when you boil soy milk.) This is delicious eaten with simple wasabi and soy sauce. 

Learn to make:

Fresh Tofu from scratch

Followed by family-style lunch of Okara salad, another dish using okara, miso soup, and rice.

Please let us know if you have any allergies when you book.


Who are the Arty vegan?
A father and daughter collaborative; vegans for over 30 years; and two culinary souls bringing fresh, handmade, clean & ‘green’ foods, to food lovers across London. With an artisanal, delicatessen-vibe, the’artyvegan has assimilated plant-based-food secrets from travelling and living all over the world, all the while, mastering ‘vegan cooking’ through an international audiences palette.